Thursday, February 15, 2007

201 not out

If doing it twice makes a tradition, welcome to the traditional BOOT speedometer post marking 201 entries in the blog (101 not out is here).

The last 100 posts have clearly been dominated by meta search companies with my Business of Meta-Search Travel (BOMST) side line including:
But the other sectors were just as busy:
Things to watch in the next 100 (ie my predictions) are:
  • Priceline changing its approach to Asia. With the Hutchison Whampoa group no longer a shareholder and the Asian growing fast - Priceline has to make a new move;
  • Heating up in the full service online battle in Australia as Webjet,, Expedia and Zuji all launch new products but all of them will fail to achieve the growth rates of the hotel only leaders and HotelClub/RatesToGo;
  • More rumours and maybe a deal or two around the Travelport break up;
  • Even more meta-search and UGC/Travel social networking launches in Asia Pacific, Europe and America; and
  • More consolidation between the offline players (like the MyTravel-Thomas Cook deal in Europe and the MFS/S8 merger in Australia) as they try and make up for missing the online revolution.
And finally through some strange quirk that I did not plan, we had a lot of animals on the blog in this 100 from elephants to dinosaurs to suicide bomber donkeys.

Oh- and England won (some of) the cricket.


Anonymous said...

keep on trucking tim

Anonymous said...


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