Friday, February 02, 2007

Bravo England

A break from our regularly scheduled Travel Program. I shared the Schadenfreude of one of the greatest English own goals of all time so it is only fair that I say Bravo England for beating Australia tonight in a one day cricket match. Here is the final score.

It has taken a flogging in 5 test matches, 3 one day matches, a Twenty20 match and as well as a handful of domestic embarrassments including losing the "unloseable" second test in Adelaide and scoring the lowest one day total (110) in (by coincidence) Adelaide other than a minnow (cant remember if it was Bangladesh or Zimbabwe) for England to find the magic touch and convincingly beat Australia- but they have. Well done to Freddie/Vaughanie's lads.


Travolution Blogger said...

your post is positvely dripping in sarcasm.

Tim Hughes said...

Not intended, if fact the opposite. I am genuinely thrilled to see some life put back into the series and to see a smile on poor Freddie's face.

Unknown said...

Now if only Ponting can pull up with a bicep injury ala Symonds we may be in with a chance in the finals... :)

I hope the big man is back for the World Cup though, is there a more exciting all rounder? I'm sure he saves 20 odd runs in the field each innings.

Tim Hughes said...

a week ago I was not looking forward to the tri-series finals as an Australian blitz win is not that interesting. Though the NZ win was not that convincing, am now hopeful that England will make a game of it.