Saturday, February 10, 2007

Poker and Online Travel

There are lots of links I could try to raise between online travel and high stakes poker such as the bluff and counter bluff between the airlines and the online travel agents (witness EXPE vs AA), the big bets being placed by private equity firms in taking out Flight Centre, Travelport, Qantas and Sabre (to name and few) and the hidden aces competition between Sidestep and Kayak where each tries to bring another content play to the table to improve their hand.

I could use all this to justify the poker video below but in reality it just such an amazing piece of video that it deserves to be shown on its own account. It is a clip from a High Stakes poker game involving two of the greats - Daniel Negreanu and Gus Hansen - chasing one of the largest pots ever seen. Watch and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Great video, the link to Meta Search article doesn't work though :)

Tim Hughes said...

Thanks for the tip Sam - have fixed the link.