Friday, February 09, 2007

Nostalgic Pan Am video highlights 50 years of standard marketing messages in Airlines

Am engaging in a bit of YouTube airline video surfing (see AA business class post earlier) and came across this one showing highlights of the now defunct Pan Am's Jet Clipper service on its introduction in the late fifties. If you ignore the content (praising the warm food, stable trip and ground breaking overhead lighting), the feel and timbre is exactly the same as the current crop of enhanced business class advertising (see the Singapore Example here). The core marketing message for non-LCC airlines has not changed in almost 50 years. There are no other products I can think of where you can say the same thing. Either the airline industry is immune to culture changes or as much as culture changes we still seek the same things from airline travel (comfort, certainty and escapism) or (as the LCCs would argue) the major airlines marketing departments haven't changed in 50 years.

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