Sunday, February 25, 2007

Latest in travel spam

As you can appreciate, my timsboot email address attracts a lot of spam. I wanted to share one of the recent ones with you.
Hello Dear,

I have 3 clients who will be coming for a vacation in your area from the 10th June to 25th June 2007. Kindly get back to me if you have vacancy for the specified period, Get back to me with the total cost of the 3 Doubles rooms for 3 clients for 15 days stay.

Do confirm if you accept major credit card for your payment.

Note, Breakfast will be included to the total cost.

Do get back to me with the total cost of their stay in Dollars.

Kind Regards,
I am guessing that the commercial angle is for me to write back and say "I am not a hotel" which confirms my email as legitimate. Or - maybe there is a Nigerian like angle here were they start a dialogue with me on how to book accommodation leading to me giving up a "deposit" etc. Anyway - my favourite part is the very familiar "Hello Dear" at the beginning.


craig hewett said...

I got the same email yesterday as well and like you I trashed it.

Anonymous said...

it is simple.
they get you to book a multitude of things from a stolen credit card. then cancel and ask you to send them a chq or TT money less cancelation

great business idea # 84932