Saturday, February 17, 2007

Expedia vs Tripadvisor (?)

Following on from my post about Expedia and TripAdvisor "Striking a Deal", Kevin May at Travolution has been hearing rumours that internal talks have broken down (at least in Europe) on how to implement this "deal". As I mentioned in my discussion of the original "deal" this is likely to because of two factors. Firstly each Expedia POS is a separate profit centre to the other and certainly to to TripAdvisor. Meaning that anything one profit centre "gives" to the other without compensation is a lost opportunity in meeting an internal target. Secondly there is a risk on the search engine rankings of Tripadvisor if it casually gives the content gold to Expedia. Can't wait for Kevin to divulge more from his sources.

UPDATE - May 07, will add TripAdvisor review content by "end of 07". That is more than 7 months away so a very strange announcement and does little to calm the rumours of discontent at TripAdvisor over this "deal"


Travolution Blogger said...

I have no information whether this is at a territory or Expedia Inc level.

What is interesting is that the "talks" were supposedly happening last September - nearly seven months ago.

The silence from both camps is deafening.

Anonymous said...


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