Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Singapore Seats - what a great way to fly

You have to see the new seats that Singapore Airlines is promoting for its Business Class re-launch. Wow!

This is a $360mm upgrade and will change the game for everyone. Check out the built-in computers in case you forget your laptop (or security puts in the hold)


Anonymous said...

so does that mean business class people have larger butts ?

Anonymous said...

No it just means that two people can seat in an intimate setting!!

Tim Hughes said...

No - it is an important leap forward in the provision of services designed to make the business traveller more efficient and maximise his/her work output during travel times resulting in savings for their employers
...Many fail to understand how important post take off cocktails, french champagne and four choices of main course are to my productivity. I am disappointed for instance that they have not extended Krug to business class...such an extension would make me significantly more productive...:)