Monday, October 16, 2006

A donkey on the edge (of search)

Had a "great moments in search" moment last week. I wanted to take the family away for the weekend. Specially wanted to revisit a cottage in the nearby southern highlands that, as well as being in a beautiful spot, has a small menagerie of farm animals that are good around kids (ie don't bite, kick or otherwise traumatise). These include a pig, cow and personality filled donkey called Hector. My 4 year old son cannot stop talking about this donkey - simply loved the experience of running up towards Hector's paddock with a carrot or two stashed in his back pocket. However I had forgotten the name of the cottage - no worries as Google has the answer. The top result from my first off search "southern highlands hector donkey" produced the answer I needed - Little Forest. Strangely no-one has yet placed a key word bid for this term.

Was a lovely weekend away with the family rested and recharged and the local carrot farmer's share price up 10% on the demand surge from our visit.

Not sure what to make of the fourth result in the search "Insurgency In Peru: the Shining Path" which goes on to describe the guerrilla war tactic of the donkey bomb (think suicide bomber but with a presumably unenthusiastically conscripted donkey) pioneered in southern parts of Peru.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, Your son got an Ass all excited with a carrot in his pants ?

strange family.........

Anonymous said...

save peruvian donkeys from unjust deaths, rehome them to hobby farms in Australia.
Shining Donkey Power

Anonymous said...

beware of children with carrots