Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Not another Travelport post

I am not going to say anything as I am over my former job and determined not to post so here is a cut and paste of parts of the latest story

"Travelport CEO Jeff Clarke has provided more details about the $75m-worth of cost savings first mentioned during last month’s Q2 earnings call with US analysts.....

...they relate to service contract renegotiations and identified headcount reductions

By category, Travelport expects to realise savings of $15m from telecoms, $45m from information technology and $15m of other general and administrative.

In terms of the headcount reductions, Travelport is ‘re-aligning staffing levels in IT application, development and maintenance’"


Anonymous said...

Latest news from the states - 45 FTE's terminated this week as part of online workforce - this accounts for about 5% of the online staff.

Tim Hughes said...

and people keep asking me why I cant stop blogging about Travelport...Terrible punch-line to an unnerving story.