Friday, October 20, 2006

China pays up

Fresh from news about China Heating Up we see that Ctrip has committed to pay 30% of this years earnings as dividends. That is a large upfront committment for a you Internet company. Could be further proof that the China online general and online travel markets are maturing. Or maybe there are a bunch of investors that want money out of a relatively thinly traded stock.


Anonymous said...

make you happy dividend time MR

Anonymous said...

China is the new Russia of the 90's. some people will make a lot of money and others will loose more.

China and the stocks people play is a form of gambling rather than investment.

Being a party to a new float involving a certain hospitality company in China which is owned by a certain RED party, and watching from the outer as all the ticks are placed in the boxes for the up and coming Float, i cant but think this russian trojan horse has but moved south and had a laquer makeover.

A sprinkling of foreigners with a touch of USA involvement and a playing of financials = big float and instant riches in the land of chairman MAO where not all people are equal...... especially after the float.