Friday, October 06, 2006

The dog is the new canary

In yea olden days a canary was used in a mine to test whether or not the air was toxic. When the canary died you ran. In the new economy the Dog themed start up is now the new canary.

The float and flop of was the canary for the Web 1.0 era. They raised US$82.5mm at an IPO in Feb 2000 and were dead in less an a year. Cnet rates it as number 2 on the top 10 dot-com flops. Now is online with tips and tricks on which hotels take large dogs.

They say

"Nearly 48% of travelers with pets travel with pets over 31 pounds, while 34% of those travel with dogs over 50 pounds,"

"Hotels are quickly realizing this untapped market and are adjusting weight limits to coincide with the growing market for large dog accommodations,"

Dont really care, so long as it remains privately funded the air is still clean. However, as soon as you hear of BDW raising any money - run.....


Anonymous said...

Obviously your missing the big picture. Dogotels is the next big thing coming to Australia. A certain french chain is looking for a place to house the first Petotel, a place to leave your loving pet when you fly out and then pick them up on return. THe ROI per Sqm is 6 time that of people and guess what..... fewer issues.

Anonymous said...

sounds like that one is for the Dogs

Anonymous said...

Petotel? Ah the French, in English we call that a kennel.

Tim Hughes said...

Looks like it is definately dog time in the dotcom world - as money has flown into a dog and cat based social network- Dogster and Catster