Monday, October 30, 2006

Everyone's in India

Travelocity have already hired and head of India and rumours abound that Expedia is also looking for a in-country boss. The Business Standard also has a lot to say about it. If the article is to be believed then there is a strong chance that travelocity will choose the Zuji name for India - which I think is a mistake as it is a meaningless phrase in the Indian marketplace.

Must have been a busy week in New Dehli with everyone in town.


Anonymous said...

yes the market has been. why where u not here

Unknown said...

Even managed to participate in the India conference. The conference was a buzz of enthusiasm surrounding all the VC money being poured into India’s travel starts ups and low cost airlines. The one key element which defined this conference was the openness of the various parties to discuss deals and partnerships. India’s online industry is still taking shape and unlike the US where you have clearly defined territories, marked by category leaders who want to defend their turf, just about everyone in India are open to new ideas.

It was money well spent for