Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Update: Sprice launch and better Sydney search results

Did a post last week on Euro and Asian meta-search company and their site re-launch in Singapore and the number of hotel results appearing for Sydney.

It has been pointed out and confirmed that the search results were for Sydney Nova Scotia not Sydney Australia. In my trial search I simply types in the word "Sydney" and pressed return. Nothing on the page indicates that it is the "wrong" Sydney (apologies to any offended Canadians). Have redone the search (see shot below) and produced 4 pages of results. Apologies to Sprice for not picking this up in the post. I would still argue for Sprice improving the destination resolution so that it is much clearer which destination is being searched (again see shot below) but this is a much better position to be in. A Sprice contact mentioned on email to me that they will be working on this.

Still is a strange bit of AdSense in that the shot contains a Wego advertisement (and a Bezurk one too). I suggest Sprice add this to the list of things to update as well.


Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with Sprice making money if a user clicks on a Wego adword......this will help them monetise their site better. In theory a user will only click a Adword if they can not find what they want on at least this way they make something

Tim Hughes said...

my view is that linking off to another meta-search (while making money) risks undermining the customer experience in a way that linking to a supplier or intermediary does not. The consumer proposition of a meta-search provider is "we provide you the best way to search multiple sites to find the lowest price". That is not undermined by selling adds to,, etc as they provide inventory from only one source. But if you sell ads to Kayak, Wego, Vibeagent etc then you are providing the customer with access to somebody else that may have exactly the same customer proposition.

Anonymous said...

Or in the case with Sprice other meta search sites who have a much better proposition.

Unknown said...

Thank you Tim for your update.
Your constructive advices are allways wellcome.
We have to progress every day.


Anonymous said...

The Sprice is nice?