Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TRAVELtech: Zuji firing in Asia on "most" cylinders

Next up at TRAVELtech - Scott Blume the CEO Zuji (Travelocity's operations in Asia Pacific).

Zuji ha been prolific in launching across Asia Pacific. Has spread the business through organic, acquisition and multi-brand approach. Organic in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong through the Zuji brand, Organic under the Travelocity brand in India and New Zealand (though NZ used to be a relationship with an offline player) and acquisitions in Taiwan and Korea (Nextour brand). Blume said that he like this diversity in markets because
"When one country is firing, others aren't. Would love to have all 7 countries firing at once. Has not happened in in my tenure [as CEO]."
His biggest concern and view on the biggest challenges being faced by the industry are the dramatic increases in search costs.

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