Monday, August 11, 2008

Struggling to track EXPE, PCLN and OWW? Thankfully Seeking Alpha has a summary

Three big earning releases last week in the online travel industry. Made for a lot of material to listen to, read and digest. Thanks to Sramana Mitra at Seeking Alpha you don't have to fret. She has put together a one page summary of the highs and lows of the releases from each of Expedia (EXPE), Priceline (PCLN) and Orbitz Worldwide (OWW). Is this week's BOOT recommended read.

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Anonymous said...

Sramana Mitra she's smart, her views on Travel 3.0 really interesting. Thanks for posting this summary Tim!
BTW I'll have a go at the new logo if you like, Let me know what you want from it.