Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Skytrax vs the BOOT - who do you agree with as the World's Best Airline

This year at the Skytrax 2008 World's Best Airline awards was Singapore Airlines' year (once again). Let's see how the Skytrax top 5 compared to the BOOT.

The Skytrax top 5 Airlines:
1. Singapore Airlines
2. Cathay Pacific
3. Qantas
4. Thai Airways
5. Asiana

The BOOT top 5 Airlines
1. Singapore Airlines
2. Virgin Atlantic
3. British Airways
4. Cathay Pacific
5. Qantas

Amazed to see that neither BA nor VS made the top ten in the Skytrax list. As hard a time as I give Qantas - I agree that they deserve the award for the Best First Class Lounge. The Sydney lounge is in a class beyond any other I have visited. It is with some interest that I note that Qantas is nowhere to be found on the list of best inflight entertainment. It seems a minimum criteria for the award is that the inflight entertainment system works


Anonymous said...

I am amazed that Emirates hasn't made the top 5. Definitely better than BA.


PS: have you tried Malaysia Airlines?

Tim Hughes said...

I have not flown Emirates before so cant say. Though all of the feedback I hear is amazing. They are on my list of requested carriers but the rates are always more expensive x-Australia (at least for my agent). I have flown Malaysian three times (twice in Business and once in economy). I would fly them again but would put Thai over them because Bangkok is a better airport hub and has better connection times to Europe.

Anonymous said...

Aeroflot is my favourite.

The essence de dunny that whiffs through the plane and meals on metal plates gets my prison guard memories flooding back.

Then the unscheduled stops for plane fuel...... only adds the mystery flight component.

All these priceless....

Tim Hughes said...

Again have not had the pleasure of Aeroflot but the two memories you share sound just like my last flight on American Airlines!

Anonymous said...

Tim, EK is fantastic. I fly them Trans Tasman a lot. Y class is 500+ VDO channels and a 5 course meal, and they are consistently the lowest price. OK they are dumping capacity on a "dead leg" but what the heck. Rumours are that they will deploy the A380 trans-Tasman....

Anonymous said...

wow do you get time in a TTasmin flight to even surf ?
Also the 5 cources, is that including the peanuts ?

Tim Hughes said...

David - this is the type of feedback I hear about Emirates all the time. I also hear that they are buying more planes than anyone else in the history of aviation. But no matter what travel agent I use I never get offered a price competitive EK flight to Europe (QF, VS, BA, CX all end up cheaper). Is it just me?

Anonymous said...
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