Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tips for how to demo a startup for investors

Product demonstrations is the biggest test a start-up goes through in raising cash. If you are with a start up planning a series of presentations for capital raising, then TechCrunch is carrying the text from a recent Calacanis email on the tips for giving a start up demonstration. I receive a lot of requests by email on tips and tricks for raising angle/VC funding. I like Calacanis' list so recommend you take a look if you are looking to raise capital. There is a peculiar back story on Valleywag going on around this list of tips where a competitor of Calacanis in the conference world is claiming that Calacanis plagiarised the text for these tips but is also refusing to provide evidence. Strange back story but good tips.

thanks to airnos on flickr for the auto slicer product demo photo. Love that coleslaw

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