Friday, June 12, 2009

Roshan Mendis replaces Scott Blume as Zuji Boss (Travelocity in Asia)

Have been deep in work so missed the story from a a week ago that Travelocity in Asia (operating under the brand name Zuji) has a new Boss. Scott Blume was CEO for about six years leading up until 1 June this year. Roshan Mendis is the new internal appointment. He is not listed as CEO on the Zuji site, instead they list him as President of Zuji and Regional Vice President of Travelocity Asia Pacific. Prior to this role, Mendis was the Zuji Director of Supplier Relationships.

Siew Hoon over at the WebInTravel blog has an interview with Scott Blume on his thoughts on life post Zuji and the outlook for the industry for the rest of 2009.


john said...

No comment.

Anonymous said...

that was one of the most disjointed and confusing interviews ( Scotts interview with WIT that is) - might have to use Babble Fish to translate it to Klingon and then back to English - perhaps then it will make sense

drewrobo said...

I'm at a loss as to what Scott was on about! The market not understanding DP? He struggles to understand the role of Meta? very confused thinking.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame that someone who led a OTA for 6 years can exit the industry clueless. Fingers crossed that Roshan has a clue.

I am a fan of Zuji and would like to see them do well

Tim Hughes said...

There is a story here but I cant find it yet.

What is clear is that Zuji is behind in Asia Pac. Expedia have a clearer strategy and have launched with larger marketing budgets. Priceline are behind but are pressing ahead agressively with Agoda. Will leave for others to say what Orbitz is doing and comment. But clearly Travelocity was hear first yet is behind.

AlphaVictor said...

Year of the Deal. Probably getting a bit overused by now. I thought I had heard that phrase before.

December 2008. Travelocity. Associated Press release.,CST-FTR-future1224.article

If you can afford a vacation, 2009 will be "the year of travel deals," predicts Genevieve Shaw Brown, senior editor of Travelocity.

June 2008

"Travelocity predicted 2009 would be the 'year of the travel deal,' and so far, that prediction has been correct," said Genevieve Shaw Brown, Travelocity's senior editor.

Sure, it doesn't mean anything. Everything gets recycled.

I still stand alone in my belief that nothing has changed in online travel since 2001. The same stuff gets recycled over and over and over again. We had dynamic packaging with Delta Vacations in 1998 and we still talk about it.

Yes mobile is coming, eventually- same hype as WAP ages ago, no-one has found the golden goose that works in DP or mobile yet. I can't book a flight on QF or JQ in 2009, and I couldn't on WAP in 1999.

Zuji, webjet etc all recycle the same press releases over and over and nothing ever happens.

I made a booking on last week, basically it was the same process as 10 years ago.

The same sites (perhaps owned by different people), the same flights, the same fares and the same reference material.

What's new? Higher fees and people talking to each other, which in 1999 was called bulletin boards (such a fancy name!) and Lonely Planet Thorn Tree.

Meta search I like, just tells me to go direct. Something we already know.

Sorry guys, Sunday afternoon lazy cold rainy rant. I'm sure there are 100 opinions that blow my opinion out of the water - but then again - whats new ? :-)

Anonymous said...

When all you sell are deals then it's always the year of the deal.....

I'm yet to see an OTA in Asia that provides something I want when I want it without wasting my time trying to find it and hiding a load of hidden fees and exclusions till the checkout.

Zuji has done very little innovation in years, hope this changes with a new CEO

Agreed they missed a huge opportunity in China, but hey everyone else seems to have as well and it's a confusing market to outsiders I'm sure.

Tim Hughes said...

@AlphaV - In my predictions for 2009 I put myself clearly in the mobile sceptic camp. I agree with you and think there will be too much focus on other things in 2009 for mobile to get the attention it needs.

The meta-search functionality I get. What I am not yet sure about is their ability to generate customer loyalty and therefore cheap traffic from return business.

Annuity Ratings said...

I have gradually become the great fan yours and I wish you good luck for your success.

Tim Hughes said...

@Annuity Ratings - I have gradually become the great fan of your spam and grammar. Please let me reciprocate and wish you good luck for your success in a arse-up marketing campaign based on link spamming in a rel="nofollow" world

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Doesn't stop him trying it out