Monday, June 22, 2009

First bit of Bing Travel for the BOOT - but makes no sense

I am a long way behind on doing any analysis or commentary on Microsoft's launch of Bing search platform.

But I did receive my first piece of traffic referral from the Bingers. Receiving traffic form a search engine is not a story in itself, but there is a story here because the traffic makes not make any sense. The search term that sent me the traffic was "" and the Bing page with those results has only one free link on it and no reference to me anywhere. I don't understand. Also look at the paid search on the right hand side. Does this mean Bing is selling remnant inventory or allowing for bidding on any term. Image below

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Anonymous said...

Bing engaging in referrer spamming? :)

Orlando Vacation said...

So far our results on Bing Travel have surpassed expectations.