Friday, June 26, 2009

Kayak is not that flattered by Bing imitation (Wired Mag)

Quick post for the BOOT recommended read of the week. Wired is reporting that Kayak sent Microsoft a "legal letter" along the lines of accusing Microsoft's Bing Travel of copying Kayak's look and feel and therefore misleading Kayak customers. No more details than that. Anyone out there is the Michael Jackson obsessed InterWebs know any more?

Full Article "Kayak to Bing: Stop Copying Us!"

hat tip to whodeani where I saw the story first


Anonymous said...

This is nothing more than Steve Hefner, using the Microsoft brand to generate good PR. The UI for Bing Travel is exactly the same as when it was called Farecast from 2 years ago. Steven made no complaints then.

Kayak have been very arrogant in the media regarding how superior they are to other meta search start ups, what they did not realise was how easy it is in the US for OTA’s to connect to ITA Software and have access to the same flights engine as Kayak’

I really see and Tripadvisor and Bing Travel stealing Kayak’s thunder

Kayak paid too much money for SideStep when debt was cheap. I wonder how they doing now servicing this debt.

When Kayak took out SideStep as No 2 competitor they created a nice vacum for Travelzoo and Tripadvisor to fill

Tim Hughes said...

@Anon - I think your PR point is 100% spot on. Not sure about the debt and overpay for Sidestep point but the suing of Microsoft is absolutely a PR move by Kayak