Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New owner for Gridskipper

One of the top consumer travel blogs - Gridskipper - has a new owner (sort of). Previously part of Nick Denton's Gawker Media network (owners of must reads Consumerist and Valleywag), Gridskipper will now be owned by Lockhart Steele through a vehicle known as the Cubed network. According to Silicon Alley Insider Lockhart is a former Gawker manager and Denton has an investment in Steele's current operations.

For travel blogs the interesting part is that Denton is indicating that the number one general travel blog is not worth keeping in his network. If Gridskipper cant make it as a business then this does not say much for the editorially driven travel blog business model.

Denton's internal memo explaining the sale (and sale of Wonkette and Idolator) is here on the Valleywag blog

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