Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The 33 Biggest Corporate Implosions. Ever - 3 in Travel, 4 tied to the BOOT

Nice piece on HR world covering the Biggest 33 corporate Implosions of all time.

No surprises that a number of travel companies are on the list.

Number 2 - Swissair that crashed post 9/11 and after an expansion spending binge known as the Hunter Strategy

Number 13 - TWA that despite 70 years of operation, a requisite stint in chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection and re-invention as a domestic carrier disappeared through an acquisition by American in 2001

Number 27 - Laker Airways that was the world's first "first long-haul, low-cost and "no frills" airline" in 1977 but was gone by 1982

Strangely Pan Am did not make the list? Personally I have 4 former clients on the list from when I was a lawyer.

thanks to kalimistuk via flickr for the photo

hat tip to Consumerist

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Anonymous said...

i was disappointed that no Australian company made it ...YET.

Come on RoamFree, lets get your act together and get up there