Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hubwear: so everyone knows which route you took

Thanks to Peter Topping at Webjet for sending through a link to Hubwear's roundtrip t-shirts. As you see this is the ultimate in travel geek chic with t-shirts showing city pairs. Peter and I tried to come up with the best combination of city pairs for a Hubwear t-shirt. Peter took the early lead with a suggestion of combining the unlikely pairing of Ezeiza Int'l Airport in Buenos Aries and Ladysmith Airport in South Africa (ie EZE LAY). Can you do better? Winner will be sent a Hubwear t-shirt with the winning design care of the BOOT.

Update - last chance to enter. Will declare a winner on Wednesday 30th. If you are reading this post in an RSS feed you have to check out the comments

Update 2 - this little contest got a mention in the LA Times blog section here.

3rd Prize -
simply because it would look so silly on a t-shirt the third prize goes to Nice to Tsaratanana, Madagascar - NCE TTS

2nd Prize -
for the unfortunate imagery and helping be get a link out of the LA Times goes to LA to
Ati Airport in Chad - LAX ATV (just topped Anglesey, UK to Shepparton, AU HLY SHT for this prize)

1st Prize - I felt compelled to give the award to a combo that might actually get worn in pubic (unfortunately excluding a number of hilarious combinations below and Peter's original entry above). So the prize goes to Finley Aus - Barnstable US or FLY HYA. It captures the perfect combination of city pairs, a love of flying and maybe a hint of naughtiness. If "Karen" gets in touch via timsboot [at] gmail [dot] com, then I will organise for a t-shirt to be sent over.

Thanks to all for fantastic entries.

UPDATE - here is the winning shirt

UPDATE - over at the travellerspoint forums that are continuing the thread with more examples such as Barksdale AFB, US to Sembach, Germany - BAD SEX


Anonymous said...

How about Paramaribo Zorg en Hoop Airport to Changi International...


Anonymous said...

or LAX to Ati Airport in Chad...


Tim Hughes said...


samdaams said...

Sioux Gateway Airport, Sioux City, IA, US & Apalapsili Airport, ID


I wish there was a QAN airport, but in the meantime Tim you might like to order QNS SUX :)

Tim Hughes said...

Great Stuff! Keep 'em coming

Tim Hughes said...

Three from an industry insider via email

DUB - BTS - Bringing out your inner DJ;

KUL YUL - Ideal for next christmas;

and his favourite. As he said in his email "to make sure the seat next to you stays empty"... MAD DOG (Madrid and Dongola, Sudan in case you wondered)

Ellen said...

We used to do this all the time at the airlines...start with Fresno and you can do anything:

Fresno + Manchester (UK) = FAT MAN
Fresno + New Bight (BH) = FAT CAT
In Amenas (AL) + Fresno = IAM FAT
Fresno + Fukuoka (JP) = FAT *** you might want to look that one up as it's a big NSFW...

Fresno really should have been a hub city. Just for comic relief!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't resist...

HUG MEE (Huehuetenango to Mare)

and at the risk of brown nosing:

TIM HUE (Timika to Humera)

Anonymous said...

Great idea these shirts, I just ordered some. Now, no more shopping tips please: I'm trying to work here!

Anonymous said...

Have to resort to 2nd or 3rd tier airports!
Biard, FR to Ofu, American Samoa
Yuma, US to Durham Tees, UK
Anglesey, UK to Shepparton, AU

2 vulgar, 1 schmaltzy

Anonymous said...


(BOS) Logan Intl, Boston, MA, US
(HOG) Frank Pais Airport, Holguin, CU

Tim Hughes said...

Love'n it

Anonymous said...

DIM BLB : Lights are on, but nobody home
(DIM) Dimbokro Airport, CI
(BLB) Balboa Airport, PA

BIC PEN : a bit of cross-promotion
(BIC) Big Creek Airport, AK, US
(PEN) Penang Intl, MY

TEX MEX : in-flight meals
(TEX) Telluride Airport, CO, US
(MEX) Juarez Intl, Mexico City, MX

(MAD) Barajas Airport, Madrid, SP, ES
(PRK) Prieska Airport, ZA

To match the great "ORG SIN"
(ADM) Ardmore Municipal Airport, OK, US
(EVE) Evenes Airport, Harstad-Narvik, NO

ORD GRL (ordinary girl)
(GRL) Garasa Airport, PG
(ORD) O'Hare Intl, Chicago, IL, US

(LGE) Lake Gregory Airport, WA, AU
(DIK) Dickinson Airport, ND, US

Anonymous said...

coo lax
Coolangatta to Los Angeles
(cool axe)

Anonymous said...

The above one, COO is for Cotonou in Benin. You could though combine Cotonou and Coolangatta (Gold Coast) to create COO OOL

Unknown said...

With a nod to the Mile High Club was tempted to use Cumana, Venezuela but in the interests of keeping the blog family friendly:


Finley Aus - Barnstable US

Unknown said...

If this has to go on a T-shirt, I'd suggest NCE TTS.

(I live in NCE. Isn't that nice?)

Anonymous said...
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