Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The BOOT goes to Bangalore

Your BOOT correspondent is off to Bangalore in Southern India for work next week. First time in India for either work or pleasure. Looking forward to it though my arm is hurting today from the typhoid shots recommended by the doctor. Let me know in the comments if you have any Indian travel tips (Bangalore in particular).

thanks to the CIA World Fact book for the map


Anonymous said...

Bring loads of Purell and don't eat any fruit or veg.

Anonymous said...

Don't eat any meat either.

Which doesn't leave you much, does it?

Anonymous said...

O come on. You can eat fruits and vegetables, although better to stick with fruits that can be peeled and cooked vegetables, especially if it's a short visit. And meat dishes are safe in good restaurants too.

Anonymous said...

Good ol Pepto Bismol cures anything so you can get on with work. I get mine sent once a year from the US as you can't get it in OZ. Has saved my bacon in some far flung places. Have a great trip