Friday, February 01, 2008

Opodo looks good in black - banks Euro 6.6mm in profits

The owners and staff at pan Euro OTA Opodo must be walking around with big fat smiles on their faces (or sitting slumped in their chairs with a look of absolute relief) after having recorded and announced their very first profit. Reports are of a EURO 6.6mm net profit in 2007 off the back of Euro 1.3bb in TTV (well they say sales but presume that is gross bookings). Other stats from the story are 3 mm customers and "double digit growth" 07 over 06.

Results came despite or because of (you choose):
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UPDATE - Travolution are carrying a brief interview with Opodo CEO Ignacio Martos where admitted that the sale of Karavel to Barclays contributed to the net profit number. Does not say how much it contributed. The leak that hit the internet was that the Karavel sale would net Amadeus (who control Opodo) Euro 40mm. So what does this mean. One reading is that maybe taking away the costs of operating Karavel help contribute to the Opodo bottom line. Another (more dangerous reading) is that it was the profits from the sale that pushed Opodo into the black, not general trading activity. No way of telling which until we see broken out numbers but is very interesting to speculate about.


Anonymous said...

"well they say sales but presume that is gross bookings" - what's the difference?

Tim Hughes said...

when you do commission/retail bookings in car and hotel or published fare bookings in air it is the supplier that charges the card not the intemediary/OTA. Therefore the only revenue or sales of the OTA is the commission not the gross booking.