Friday, February 22, 2008

The BOOT is on the road - back Mar 3

I am on the road next week for work in London and other parts of Europe. Will have a direct chance to compare Qantas and BA business class one after each other. Will let you know. Wont have much chance to post until I get back. Of course last time I said that deals came from everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog site! Iwonder as you lool back there in business class (research? ya gotta be kiddin, mate)if you could comment on this from your experience about the ins and outs: "Will Internet 2.0 make impact sson, on the stuffed shirts in semi and government sections of the tourism related industries, to the extent that they start to ask ask for less turgid dull documents as they now wade through each time they put out tender?"

I am not kidding! I want to join in the social marketing flow - with an OZ partner who is stuck in the pre seth rogin days. What can I do to open his eyes? Cheers, Neil McPherson ex abc in Germany

Tim Hughes said...

Govt is always 10 years behind the rest of the world. I listened to a very interesting podcast recently on egovenment, igovernment, mgovernment and the difference. It was fascinating stuff but this is not very helpful as for the life of me cannot remember whether it was HBR or NPR or the name of the podcast. Have tried googling for ten mins and cant find it. Good luck dragging government to the 21st century.

Tim Hughes said...

Found it. Was actually the economist special report on technology and government. Here it is.