Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I promise this will be the only time I use the BOOT for a political message but today (finally) the Australian Government has apologised to the indigenous people of Australia for the heinous act of taking indigenous children from their parents in the 1950s and 60s (known as the "stolen generation"). I want to add my personal apology as an embarrassed and shamed non-indigenous Australian. This act of contrition and acknowledgement by the Australian Government of the immeasurable pain and suffering caused is long overdue. It does not undo the damage but I hope it can help with the healing.

If you would like to listen to the Australian Prime Minister's speech you can find it here care of the Sydney Morning Herald.


Anonymous said...

Today sure does feel like a momentous occasion! Let's hope that it really does mean the beginning of a new era.

Anonymous said...

Stick this inn your really bizzare file. Being a Kangaroo working in the UK today and watching the news coverage on the BBC, im am amazed how it was wedged in between DAFOUr and the ethnic cleansing story and the story of the USA and the peace core spreading christianity and hope for savage over the last 50 years.

Are we just living in a perpetual imperialistic/food chain acention cycle ?

Anonymous said...

very interesting that you did not approve my comments relating this announcement to the Ayers Rock vs. Uluru issue...smacks of disingenuousness

Tim Hughes said...

Dear Anon - did not receive a prompt for you comment and cannot find it the un-moderated section of my comments folder. Not sure what happened but I did not see your comment. Please repost. As per my comments policy the only ones I reject are spam, defamatory and nonsensical (nonsensical means words that dont make sense not words I dont agree with0. Please repost