Sunday, February 24, 2008

In Qantas Transit and guess what - the VOD system is not working

Long term readers are almost certainly bored by my rants at how the new Qantas entertainment Video on Demand system (VOD) never seems to be working. Well let me rant once again but this time with a new twist. In previous rants the system failed Airline wide. My disappointment was turned to anger when the airline dismissed the problem and showed no concern. BA then showed up Qantas by offering me hard cash compensation (ok vouchers) when one movie failed once at the end of the movie.

The new twist on this flight was that every seat on the plane had VOD working but mine and the guy next to me. That's right the number one supplier rant I have is the failed Qantas VOD. So much so that I am the number one hit on Google for Qantas VOD....and it is my seat that fails. Brilliant. Sometimes Qantas cannot win a trick.


Anonymous said...

That's really quite funny.

Anonymous said...

wow, this is one of those times when you think that They might just be watching.... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Did you choose your own seat - or were you assigned one by the airline?

I sense a conspirary theory coming on


Tim Hughes said...

I was in 23A which is my preferred seat in in my profile. Feeding the conspriacy theory - QF know very well that I like this seat. But the more frequently flyers that I talk to through the blog, in lounges and generally the more I hear consistent feedback that this system is not reliable and does not seem to be improving

Anonymous said...


have to rush to the UK last week i jumped on a premium economy seat to the UK. As i sat i mussed your stories and was wondering what issues i might encounter.

True to form my foot stool was broken and my audio was like a 1920's radio show, all crackly and mono. I told the staff who sympatised and offered a seat down the back.

Coming 5 days later i swear i got the same plane and same seat and guess what. Same problem. Yes. But i came prepaired with laptop and self serve TV shows and movies thanks to itunes.

Oh and irate hostie on SQ to SYD sector was annoyed that i would not put foot stool down pre landing. I told her when it was fixed i would be happy to comply.
Again no apology nor any PR skilled aptitude.

So profitability index is fine but i think the complaint index should be run neck and neck.

Anonymous said...

Tim, do you seriously think that QF is that sophisticated? NOWAY!!!!

Anonymous said...
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