Thursday, June 07, 2007

Poker and Online Travel 2

I tried some months back to draw a link between the online travel industry and poker but really it just an excuse to put up an amazing poker video. Well here is another great video and again no real excuse other than it is incredible to watch.


samdaams said...

Great video; can't believe the pre flop fold there with K's! By the way, when did youtube start having apple dock style related videos showing at the end of a clip? Very cool - as with all things apple! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Tim: That's funny because I also tried to find ways to post about poker and to relate it to travel but I couldn't find something interesting that combines both areas.

This hand is amazing. Ive never seen so many pairs in the same hand with AA KK and QQ. AA was clearly favorite, KK should have won the hand but finaly QQ took the pot! Excellent. Anyway the lay down of KK was a good lay down, he made the right decision even if a coin flip would have given him an edge on the turn.

Do you follow the Wsop 2007 in Vegas those days?

Tim Hughes said...

The hardest part of poker is accepting when the right decision (folding kings against aces) produces the wrong result (missing out on trip kings). Dont get the WSOP in Australia (well not on my cable plan) but do get the WSP. I have a regular Sunday night game that I look forward to every week