Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ex-Expedia execs executing

Former Expedia head of legal and more Mark Britton has launched the beta version of his legal search and ranking site Email out last last week describes the site as a combination meta-search and consumer review site for lawyers. Why "Avvo" - well "avvocato" is the italian word for lawyer. Have raised a lot of money to date - $13million. The first reviews of lawyers have hit the airways, quickly followed by the first threats of legal action from lawyers that don't like the first reviews.

Former Expedia CEO Erik Blachford is back in the news as the CEO of TerraPass a carbon trading/offset company. Mike Fridgen has more on this here (Travel Start-Ups: Puddle Jumper TerraPass).

UPDATE - cheeky quote in Valleywag (originally the San Jose Mercury News) from another ex-Expedia CEO Rich Barton on the immediate legal action coming from the launch of Avvo
"Getting sued was, cavalierly, part of the playbook."
All publicity is good publicity. Why would the now CEO of real estate site Zillow be commenting on Avvo? Well he is also a partner at Benchmark the firm funding Avvo.

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Anonymous said...

wow cant wait to get my AVVO scraper out and clean some pent up reviews