Tuesday, June 05, 2007

American Road Warrior caught in empty airport

Was discussing yesterday's post video showing a horror Heathrow security queue with Sue Klose - the new Corporate Development director for News Digital Media. Sue is recently arrived from the US and we swapped stories about security delay nightmares while travelling through LA, New York and Chicago. In anticipation of similar experiences in Australia Sue shared the shock and comedy of her first domestic Australian flight. For a 7am Sydney to Melbourne flight she arrived at Sydney airport at 5.30am - allowing the usual 90 minutes to get onto a similar US flight- only to find herself checked-in, through security and at the empty, "ghost town like" gate by 5.35am. Her Australian colleague arrived at the gate an hour later looking better rested and well fed.

At Sydney airport there is rarely a queue at security and the two business airlines (Qantas and Virgin-Blue) allow online check-in. Does not mean that there is never a queue at Sydney airport. Getting a taxi home on a Friday night is like waiting for Godot.


Anonymous said...

well now that criminal master mind is back in Adelaide, we should start to worry no ?

Anonymous said...

At the international terminal there's often a huge cue for taxis as well. I usually get around this by going up to departures and catching one from there. Evil, I know, and the taxi drivers are up for a huge fine if they get caught. But I've never had one not stop. Muhahaha... :)