Friday, June 01, 2007

Amadeus about to be smacked by Sabre in France

Here is GDS the rumour of the year - my spies in France tell me that Carlson Wagonlit Travel France is about to dump Amadeus as its GDS and migrate to Sabre. This is big news in the world of GDS client stealing. CWT is worth some 6 million segments a year or more than 15% of the French market. If the rumour proves true (and my sources say it is a done deal) then it will be one of the largest GDS conversations/migrations in European history.

Now apparently while this is a done deal the "i's" are not yet dotted and the "t's" are not yet crossed. With 6 million segments at stake and with Amadeus' ties to European airlines there is a chance of a last minute "dropping of the pants" in Madrid to stop Sabre making this happen.

Anyone else out there in France know any more?

UPDATE - Sabre's own website has picked up my post in their "Sabre In the News" section but with no hint of a denial.

UPDATE 2 - Given the scepticism of some readers I have gone back to my source for confirmation on this rumour. My insider stands by her story. She says the rumour has been doing the rounds within Sabre's European customers for a couple of months. She should know as she works for one.

UPDATE 3 - Spoke this evening (June 5) with a spokesperson from Amadeus. They said
"The rumour is more advanced that than the reality...CWT regularly review their suppliers and partnerships as part of prudent business practice."
This is not a denial of the rumour but is a clear comment that Amadeus believes they are still in the hunt to retain this client and that the sales battle is not over yet.


Travolution Blogger said...

that's funny about the Sabre site picking it up.

we've done some digging around here and so far all lips are very much tightly sealed.

great scoop if it's true - which i suspect it is.

klm, ed, travo

Anonymous said...

pls send me more info.....i have heard rumors that galileo india is being sold offf from interglobe can any one give me some info

Anonymous said...

Looks like Tim got an exclusive there - Sabre will start converting the CWT agencies in November...

So it took 12 months to get the product ready and for Amadeus to admit defeat !