Monday, June 18, 2007

Hare raising delays in Milan

A horde (is that the right collective noun) of wild hares caused havoc at Milan's Linate airport over the weekend according to reuters (SMH version here). Seems 57 or more of the beasts found their way onto the tarmac, halting flights for more than 3 hours. Can just see the well dressed and furious Italian travellers lined up at that Alitalia counter wondering where the hell their plane is only to be told by "la mia collega" in green that it was all the fault of cavorting conigli. We can only assume this was accepted by the passengers with the usual sense of Italian calm and resignation. Madam BOOT - do you have a view?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the pilots had a HAIRRY problem

Anonymous said...

Madam BOOT reflects:

last time I was in a Milan airport and the pulmino drove us to the aircraft headed to Genova instead of the one pointed towards Bologna a witty passenger instructed the driver to skip the tarmac, and take the autostrada directly to Bologna Centrale...I wonder where the hares will land???

Anonymous said...

Have you stopped bothering with the Australian online travel industry - we can get all the latest stuff elsewhere?