Monday, March 12, 2007

Bringing guest editors to the BOOT

I have decided to have a few guest writers join us every now and then on the BOOT - particularly looking at the European market. I have been looking back at the blog and realise that the longer I spend away from Europe the more I need to turn to people on the ground for insight on what it going on.

For the first in this series I wanted to do a post on Spain. It seems that Spain is the last frontier of the major European markets in online travel. Not to say that there is no online travel in Spain - far from it. Rather it is behind its more developed Continental friends and neighbours. So I asked my former work-mate, long term friend, SEM guru and honorary Spaniard Michael Potts of e-interactive to write a guest post every now and then on the European market with the kick-off post to look at Spain and Expedia threatened moves there. I hope this is the first of many from Mike and others.


Anonymous said...

A quick comment directly from SXSW Interactive in Texas to tell you that it's a pretty good idea to bring guest editors.

Tim Hughes said...

Thanks - will take that as a compliment, not a criticism of my writing to date...:)