Thursday, March 29, 2007

Qantas In-flight Entertainment: Stranger Than Fiction

You will recall from yesterday that I was set to fly Qantas today, domestic long-haul to Perth. I genuinely went with a fresh mind and non-critical heart. Enjoyed a great breakfast in the lounge, had happily checked-in online and passed smoothly through the gate with a stack of free lounge acquired newspapers under my arm.

15 minutes into the flight the CSM/Pursar starts the usual announcements
- welcome aboard etc
- you may now move about the cabin etc
- we will soon be serving breakfast etc

we apologise but the audio/video system on this flight is not working and has had to be shut down

I could not have planned ths story better. Quoting the movie temptingly advertised in the inflight magazine but desparately unavailable - Stranger Than Fiction.


Anonymous said...

Jeeeeeeeeeeez long time no blog

Anonymous said...

come on, plane hasnt even had time to go to "OFF SHORE FIXING STATION 12" yet.