Saturday, March 17, 2007

RIP Cendant - Here are some more of them

A belated update on a very old post called "RIP Cendant - where are they now". Former Cendant / Travelport execs and colleagues Andy Hermo, George Roukas and Ed Silver have (according to the US version of TravelWeekly) teamed up with Tom Christopoul (ex-Cendant's Financial Services unit) and former Cendant TDS Hospitality & Leisure uber boss Mike McCormick to form Hudson Crossing. Aim of the group is (according to the website)
"[to help] business owners raise the financial performance of their travel, tourism and hospitality assets. Through the execution of bold ideas.."
Not exactly sure what that means - sounds like a mix of consulting services, capital raising/corporate advisory work and corporate planning. More details here. It is great to see that team back together and will keep an eye on the PR wires as their client list developments.

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