Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Aaaah...doing something means spending money

I ranted a few days ago about a press article where needitnow said they were going to do something. Now they have received more press for the details. The answer - spend money - AU$2mm in marketing. That's it. Simple, straight forward but not that exciting. All of the teams chasing Wotif in Australia (RatesToGo, Lastminute, Needitnow, ReadyRooms, GoStay etc) need to do more than simply spend marketing money - that is 1999 thinking. You need to be innovative in product/functionality (see my suggested list for ideas) and build a compelling loyalty solution with your customers - a reason for them to subscribe to your email specials and come back again and again to purchase without looking at Wotif.

As underwhelming as the answer was, it is nice to hear what the "something" was. However to TravelToday I say - restrict your publication of press releases to real stories and cut out the preannouncement junk.

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