Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hotel branding, social networking and strawberries

Last night's post on Sheraton generated a comment around whether hotel branding is better generated by social networking or "the front line troops". This is a fantastic point and reminded me about the timeless sales speech famously given by James Lavenson’s to the American Marketing Association in 1973 called "Think Strawberries". Lavenson was CEO of the Plaza Hotel in New York and talks about how he generated a sales and customer retention culture (not just policy) throughout the hotel including training and creating incentives for more than just the reception and reservation staff. His program targeted everyone - the laundry staff, janitors..everyone. The strawberry mantra came from his desire to sell more in the restaurants. If someone declines desert, offer them strawberries. Up-sell at every opportunity but do it with something that everyone wants. Fantastic insight in how to build sales while maintaining strengthening a brand.

Could not agree more with anonymous that frontline staff are critical in branding for a hotel.

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mmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhh strawberries