Friday, September 08, 2006

RIP Cendant - where are they now

With the end of a an era and death of the Cendant name thought I should point a few links to where ex-Cendant people have ended up in online travel and media. Lots of examples of start-up activity
  • ex-Orbitz, and Cheaptickets hotel supply boss Fred Bean has set up his own hospitality technology business - Rebel Travel
  • ex-Ebookers hotel boss Ranjan Singh founded a destination/activities site - Isango
  • ex-Octopustravel boss Daniela Wagner has turned up at Tralliance Company, the .travel Registry company
  • Former Flairview founders and bosses have launched an online menu and restaurant service Menulog
  • Former asia-hotels owner probably has the best job as he and his family are sailing around the world
  • Former head of European product for Galileo is back in Australia working for Amex
  • Others have ended up Australian ticketing company Ticketek, Advertising revolutionary company Spotrunner, destination player Viator and the Red Rat Qantas
  • and of course me at netus
  • UPDATE - Here's a good one - sports drinks. Former Iberian marketing manager for HoteClub and RatesToGo Alex Baneres is the new MD for the Australian operation of Verofit.
(not sure what the blog etiquette is about naming names so have kept private some of them).

If you know of more, please add to the comments. I'll update more as they come to mind.


Anonymous said...

Just a short note to say that I love reading your “take” on the various travel industry press announcements.

You do a great job putting their corporate "spin" through the ringer and then adding some good humour to it.

Please make sure you remain diligent to your blog, as I am addicted to reading it.

Tim Hughes said...

Thanks Craig. Now I have to say even more nice things about Bezurk....:)

Anonymous said...


love your blog.
It has been a great time at Cendant, especially with Leon.

Hope to catch up soon.

Anonymous said...

I checked out the sites created by the ex cendantites...and ISANGO and Menulog clearly are the winners. Especially ISANGO love the feel and concept of the site. Goes to show Cendant had nurtured entreprenuerial talent which it could not tap into.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that the former Sr. Director of Product Delivery with Travelport (Greg Dahlke) is now the Vice President of Technology for BookingBuilder Technologies (an up and coming travel company in the travel agent technology niche).