Thursday, September 28, 2006

Three companies - a world of opportunity

Cendant TDS' motto on banner ads used to be "One Relationship: A world of opportunities". With the announcement of a split into three "decentralised" business units - GTA, Orbitz and Galileo - I am announcing a competition for a new motto. Early entries for new banner campaigns are:
  • "Three Companies: Click here to make an offer"
  • "Travelport: Bought 15 to make 1 to sell 3"
  • "Travelport: There used to be only one"
First prize is my Cendant branded first anniversary collectors edition pen. I have given up efforts to blog less about Travelport as I can't ignore the unstoppable path to the break-up. When we wrap up this competition we can start working on rumours for who the buyers will be.

On the serious side - many congratulations to Gordon Wilson on being named CEO of the Galileo business.


Anonymous said...

Mr hughes,

time to let sleep dogs from your past lie

Anonymous said...

I think second prize should be the Cendant first aid kit (really a box of band-aids) that was handed out when Orbitz was acquired. In hindsight, a very fitting icon of Cendant - nothing more than a band-aid of companies patched together not to grow but to slow the bleeding.