Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Start up tips from founders of businesses that did not make it

Jeremy Liew of Valley VC group Lightspeed Ventures has a good post on this blog this week called "Post mortems on two failed startups from their founders". Touches on two stories from two different startups that failed. First a list of 7 mistakes from Monitor110 (raised $20mm) and the second a top ten list from a company that did not raise money.

If you are in the start-up business, then this is worth a read.

Thanks to bootload on flickr for the image


Ram Badrinathan said...

I like the concept of Zeropercenters..also one thought is if long tail of travel content drives increasing fragmentation..which disperses traffic and reduces monetization its like a fight to keep an evergrowing media network..constantly acquiring in small doses..Travel is unique in that doesn't see thousands of content sites around electronics or FMCG products like Shampoos..those tend to be in many cases corporate driven..when did you last hear a casual conversation on the virtues of Colgate or Coco Cola

The learning from failures was very important - particularly the one on too much money! and confusion in leadership

Anonymous said...

Yes, very interesting reading. Sounds like a curse to have to much money thrown at a you ...

I'd disagree with ram's "Travel is unique" and "one doesn't see thousands of content sites around electronics" comments.

Travel isn't unique. I do see thousands of iPod, iPhone and computer sites: niche and mainstream retailers, news and review sites, and zero-percent forum sites. All fragmenting the traffic for electronics.

Anonymous said...

"... Thanks to bootload on flickr for the image ..."

Thanks for the credit Tim.