Thursday, July 17, 2008

UPDATE - Last Chance: BOOT has one free pass for Eyefortravel Sales and Marketing in Travel Asia Pacific July 29-30 (Sydney)

UPDATE - last chance to submit questions to win a free ticket to eyefortravel asia. Will extend deadline to Monday 21.

On 29 and 30 July your BOOT correspondent will be chairing the eyefortravel Sales & Marketing in Travel Asia Pacific conference at the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney. This conference will be a great opportunity to hear the latest on the travel industry and network will colleagues. Eyefortravel have passed on to me one free two day (bronze) delegate pass (normally A$1,395) for a lucky BOOT reader. I have an idea for a competition, with the winner getting their hands on this delegate pass. This is a great opportunity to have the BOOT audience contribute questions for speakers at the conference. So here it is. The pass will go to the best question sent to me to be asked of a speaker at the conference. Steps to enter are:

1. Look at the agenda (here) and the speaker list (here);
2. Draft a question in the comments of this blog clearly identifying which speaker the question is for. Clearly you will have to put your name or identifier in the post;
3. Make your entry on or before July 18 July 21;
4. I will announce the best question and contact the submitter on 21 23 July; and
5. If I can't track you down to tell you then I will pick another winner and keep picking until I can find someone.

The winning question and other questions will be put to the speakers at the conference.

If you want to listen to my introductory podcast for this event then click here.

If you want to register for the conference then click here.

Goes without saying that the pass cannot be redeemed for cash or transferred. Transport and accom and all other costs of attending are a matter for the winner. Judges decision is final and please don't be a pain in the arse and bug me or Eyefortravel over any aspect of this post.


webmaster said...
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Anonymous said...

With the huge economical downturn coming where are the places you are looking to make savings ?

Anonymous said...

what is the ROI on your social media in real terms ?

Jonathan said...
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Jonathan said...

My Question is for Martin Symes(CEO,

With price parity increasing in popularity, do they perceive the decreased volatility in accommodation pricing as a threat to their business model, and if so then how do they plan to react/adapt?

Anonymous said...

Question for Richard Noon, Webjet.

Due to the current economic climate in the US, we are seeing a number of major online travel agents rolling back the plethora of fees they charge in a bid to attract travellers away from the main airline websites.
Given that comments in the past have indicated that up to 60% of your revenue comes from these types of fees/charges - what impact would this have on your business model and how could you mitigate this potential risk moving forward as the economic climate cools in Australia and consumers become more aware of how to "beat the system"? Would you agree that it's not a matter of "if" but "when"?

Anonymous said...

Question for Andy Conroy, Lonely Planet

As free downloadable city guides take off (eg for iPods, iPhone, Amazon kindle etc) how is LP planning to keep up production on their guides as revenue from book sales diminish.

Anonymous said...

You have a new CEO,
You have lost market to your competitors.
How do you propose to combat the likes of Synxisa and other GDS service companies,or the likes of Hotel Prophets.

Steve said...

for Nick McCaw,Suneet Kumar,Joe Nguyen,Tim Hughs

Corporations can charge air and rail tickets to their corporate card (ex: Amex Platinum Corp Business)and guarantee hotel reservations, however, they cannot pay for the hotel room & taxes without the traveler having said physical card when checking in/out. Why cannot hotels devise a system with the card companies where corporations can pay their hotel & tax only without giving plastic out to each employee? The traveler only pays for their incidentals on their own personal card. This is done routinely by; paid in advance and the only thing you pay for, with whatever credit card you have, are the incidentals. You don't see the room rate. The only bill you ever get when you check out is for incidentals. Currently the only options are direct billing or faxing (unsecured machine) the hotel an authorization letter and a copy of the front and back of the company card (scary). There are thousands of companies that would like to charge and pay for hotel & tax (only) charges for their travelers just like they do now for air and rail tickets. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

A general question on mobile technology application for hotel companies, OTA, online marketing companies, etc.

In Asia Pacific, as we are aware, there is a very high penetration in mobile phone usage. Even with the iphone, the limitation of the size of the screen and the amount of rich media that can be used to provide end consumers with a great "experience" is still limited. I would like to know if any companies are heavily investing in mobile technology and their insights on how to bring a better experience from website to mobile phone?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita,
I recently saw the most incredible application for mobile booking technology at an office in Australia, Hotel Prophets have been developing and are about to release a new app to their cleint base. WOW is the word i used. GPS and BAR rate complexity solved and intergrated intoa nice GUI.


Anonymous said...

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