Monday, March 10, 2008 in-flight TV commercial

Last week I put up the Australian Television commercial appearing on local free to air TV. Here is the ad that has just started to air on in flight TV for a number of Asian Pacific carriers.

In the comments let us know which you think is better...

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Anonymous said...

HotelClub - slick, international, vibrant, final 10 seconds amplifies call to action and flash of colour. Martial arts scene goes on for about 10 seconds too long. - dull, budget, nannas house - cheap hotels for freaked out losers - sepia tones?
Evokes 1970's Australian motel imagery

Wotif - everyday purchase mentality (10 low dollar value, short stay purchase opps per year)
hotelclub - holiday purchase mentality (2 - 3 higher dollar value, longer stay purchase opps per year)

Destinations I know about - wotif
Destinations I dream about - hotelclub

loyalty - wotif
glamour - hotelclub

However much I like the hotelclub advert, the wotif one would get more everyday business and a higher chance of repeat purchase.


Anonymous said...

In pure advertising terms the hotelclub advert is far better. It actually has an idea - the martial arts combo - that they can use to build the brand on different touchpoints, and in future campaigns. the wotif is very disappointing old-style advertising which is a one-trick pony of an execution and doesn't build a brand.

Anonymous said...

ok lets be fair,

Appealing to the Asian market and appealing to the Australian market are completely different cultural and mind set targets. Bobbing for octopus in some asian cultures would be concidered exciting and palletable ?!?!?! As a Voyeuristic doll could be considered Kinky in southern USA.

Targets audiences have different perceptions as do the people commenting here.

Anonymous said...
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