Monday, March 31, 2008

Bad news day for airlines - at least for Alitalia, BA and Aloha

Reading the travel pages looks like a bad day to be in the airline business:

1. Milan Malpensa - the "greatest airport in Italy" is having its flight numbers butchered. The newly Air-France/KLM owned Alitalia is going to eliminate two-thirds of its flights from this airport. Effectively ending Malpensa's days as an international hub (SMH article here). By sheer Italian co-incidence the must heralded new link between Malpensa to the Milan-Turin Highway was finally opened yesterday (day before this announcement) after years of delay;

2. BA is still up to their necks in baggage at Terminal 5 (SMH article here). Some 15,000 items nowhere near their owners and without enough staff to help. Kevin has more coverage of US$8.6billion in problem here; and

3. Goodbye to Aloha Airlines that shuts (not unexpectedly) tomorrow (SMH again). Home page of Aloha says it all.

thanks to sluggerwv on flickr for the photo


Anonymous said...

your choice of photo shows very poor taste

Tim Hughes said...

on reflection you are right. Have changed it