Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rumour of the week - TravelCLICK to be bought out by a PE firm?

I have received an unsubstantiated and potentially scurrilous rumour that travel technology, data and information firm TravelCLICK is about to be purchased by a private equity firm. Very limited details so far. This rumour is rated as "who knows" on the likelihood scale UPDATE - this rumour is gathering pace and is looking more and more likely to be true. Will still need formal confirmation and a deal is never over until the lawyer hands the Monte Blanc to the client (famous legal phrase) but have definitely upgraded from "who knows" to "looking possible" so we will have to use the tried and true commentary of "we'll have to wait and see if it is true". TravelCLICK previsously received investment rounds from Bain Capital and Trimin Capital (and maybe others).

UPDATE - 25 Sept - traffic has been flying into the blog this morning from searches in Google like "TravelCLICK PE" and "TravelCLICK acquisition rumour". If history is anything to go by, deal announcements come soon after Google traffic flow.

UPDATE 2 - 29 Nov -deal confirmed. TravelClick sold to PE firm Genstar


Anonymous said...

we heard the same thing
BIG New york company value of deal is around $450m

Anonymous said...

heard its sold for $270M USD

Anonymous said...

I heard that it is closer to $330M USD