Friday, September 14, 2007

Hey Qantas - the BOOT is back

It has been a very strange travel period for your BOOT correspondent. My last long haul flight was August last year. The longest long haul travel gap since 1997. Has been a large number of reasons but I am back in the air saddle with a work trip to the US starting tomorrow. This will see me back on a Qantas flight. Long (and even short) term readers of the blog will know of my love hate relationship with Qantas especially around the failures of the video on demand system and the poor customer service culture (have also offered some words of encouragement and defence as well).

Since my last trip, Qantas has relaunched their business class product and spent a lot of money promoting their service and customer care. So, dear readers and fair Qantas I will report back early next week on whether or not Qantas has surprised me by living up to its new hype.


Anonymous said...

So does BOOT strap know that your going out... you might be some time ?

Unknown said...

I'll be travelling to the US tomorrow, too. SYD to LAX. Scumbag class. oh joy, oh bliss.

Tim Hughes said...


Come back to this section and post your comments when you finish your flight. Qantas claim to have upgraded the service in economy and claim that the VOD system is working. Would be great to get your experience