Wednesday, September 12, 2007

.travel and Tralliance - a tourtured history and limited future

I have been keeping a track of the latest at Tralliance the operator of the "I don't get it" domain .travel (or dot-travel) with updates in the text of a post from last year. The US version of Travel Weekly have a great piece from Dan Luzadder (registration required) on the company including confirmed rumours that the ousted former President of the company Ron Andruff had made an offer to buy the company off former partners Michael Egan and Ed Cespedes. I don't think it matters who owns this baby as I do not see how the .travel concept is viable.

UPDATE - Jan 08 - Jens Thraenhart (of Tourism INTERNET Marketing Blog 2.0) has a detailed history and commentary on Tralliance and dot travel called "dot travel | The Rise And Fall Of A Brilliant Concept" (originally spotted at

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Anonymous said...

Completely agree Tim - what's the point? It doesn't make any sense unless you are a Domain regulator attempt to create new revenue streams by finding a new 'thing' to sell.

Futhermore, given the growth and growth of search, it's the site you build and market that matters, not the domain you house it in.