Friday, November 30, 2007

TravelClick sold to PE firm Genstar

I published a rumour in September that TravelClick was on the cusp of being sold to a PE firm. Received confirmation today that a division of Genstar Capital has committed to buy the travel intelligence and marketing firm for around US$275mm. Deal closure to happen in about two weeks. You heard it here first at the BOOT - TravelClick has been sold to Genstar.

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Deal confirmed publicly on 20 Dec 2007


Anonymous said...

wooow that a lot of loot for not a lot of anything :() the insider ..... said...

Hi Tim,

Well I have heard about the rumour as well 3 weeks ago but I couldn't confirm it with which buyer. $275M is quite incredible to be honest. I have never thought the company would be worth this much. You?

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Tim Hughes said...

I wish I knew more about their bottom line numbers and growth rates to have a view on the $275 price tag. Anyone out there know?

Anonymous said...

Yia yia we believe they are profiting $22m. and they are loosing agreements with galileo and sabre exclusively for the data, hence their push into other parallel sides.

Tim Hughes said...

13/14 times earnings is not cheap but at the same time it is not expensive (see the valuation of Wotif for a comparison). The test is how sustainable the $22mm will be. Especially if they are about to lose a key asset (exclusive data access).

Anonymous said...

wotif has branding to public and as well as turnover like the and the

?They have no such things