Friday, August 24, 2007

SMS from out of the blue. What should I do?

A friend of the BOOT and industry insider (not called Tim) received a text message yesterday from a phone number that neither or us recognise that said "Tim have made an offer to buy out ????.com" where ???.com is a city specific destination site owned by a private equity firm. I am keeping the actually URL a bit quiet as there is some sort genuine secret mistake that occurred and this SMS was meant for me. The carefree blogger in me wants to shout about this and add it to my mini deal list but the corporate professional in me is hesitant to tell the world (or my 200 or so readers) in case there is something more here that I should know about. So - dear reader- what should I do? Tell you all about this mini-deal or wait to see if this is an important miss-sent work SMS?


Travolution Blogger said...

easy. ring the sender and say you are about to publish details of the deal right now unless they give you an interview with the boss of both companies, which you'll post in a day or so.

samdaams said...

Don't post it, but do an in depth review of the site that the offer was for on Monday and say 'hmmm, I wonder if anyone will be buying this soon'... :)