Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Airline Industry - Pizza Hut style

The Consumerist blog has been on a roll recently with great airline stories. First this week was the Airline boss with a talent for technology and customer service and then the was the airline that was handy with a paint brush but not so handy as to stop a plane blowing up. Now the Consumerist has a story from the New York Times that fits neatly into my not a series series on the airline industry. As you will recall I have a series of posts recently about the American airline market centred around poor customer service, delays on tarmacs, customers rights and more. This story is actually a good news story.

Appears that a number of Delta flights were diverted to Syracuse last week. Instead of the usual horror story of passengers trapped on the plane living off toilet water and pretzels, the pilot not only let everyone wait off the plane and in the terminal but called ahead and ordered pizza for everyone. Simple but brilliant stuff. Round of applause.

If you have not seen the seven hours on the tarmac in seven minutes video - watch it here.

Full story here.

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